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The Teacher and the Virgin

By:Jessa James

r body… Oh, fucking hell.

The black graduation gown hid her lush curves, but I had every single one memorized. I’d spent the entire year imagining her ass beneath that plaid uniform, knowing her pale skin would turn a bright pink when I spanked it.

I had to pause and think about fucking baseball stats to will my dick down. Getting hard in an open field just at the exact moment graduation ended only spelled trouble. The older academics would balk at the sight of me, and the parents, who thought so highly of the institution, would call the police if they saw one of the teachers getting hard staring at the graduating class.

But I wasn’t looking at the entire class. I only cared about her.

My Jane.

She was the girl every other female hated and wanted to be and the one guys wanted fuck. I balled my hand into a fist when I felt my blood start to boil. Just the thought of boys her age wanting to fuck Jane made me want to break or punch something. I got riled every time I heard about a senior party, about all the cute boys they’d met. Had some idiot got to touch Jane’s pert breasts? Had they parted her creamy thighs and filled that tight pussy? Had they spurted all over her in their adolescent haste and left her unfulfilled?

A deep growl had the music teacher looking my way.

There was just something about her, more than just the cute face and sexy figure. She was sweet and confident at the same time. She was friendly, but never let anyone walk all over her. Both the way she acted and looked made her seem older, more mature, than she actually was. It was a sin for an eighteen-year-old to look the way she did.

It was a sin for a teacher to lust after a student. But she wasn’t a student any longer. Yes, she was young as fuck, but she was legal and she was mine. I’d known it from the first day she’d sat down in my class and that little uniform skirt had slid up her pale thighs. I’d tried to behave, to ignore her, but then she’d started watching me, her eyes burning into me every damn day. She wanted. And even if she was too young, too innocent to recognize what she was feeling, I knew. I knew and I was going to be the one to give it to her.

I’d decided then and there she would be mine. I’d just had to bide my time all year until she was no longer my student.

I’d wondered how I would approach her, but that day last week and the note she’d passed with her friend Anne? It had been… fate. I’d wanted to jerk off all week at the thought of her eager to give me—me!—her virginity, but decided against it. I wanted to save up every drop for her. All my cum would be for Jane. I couldn’t wait to fill her up, to watch as she tried to swallow it all, to see it slip from her broken-in ass and pussy. I’d never waste another drop inside a damn condom. I’d take her raw with nothing between us. Her virgin pussy would never know anything different.

Fuck, I’d assumed she might be a virgin still, but her note had confirmed it. She wanted me to be her first and I was going to do that for her. Every one of her firsts. I’d be the only one who touched her. The only one whose cock made that mouth open wide. The only one whose cock breached that tight little ass. The one who’d take her cherry. Her pussy, her ass, she was mine. Every innocent inch of her.

I was done waiting.

“So how’s everything going with the bar exam?”

Fuck. I tried not to groan again, forced myself to push the dirty thoughts to the deepest parts of my brain. I shifted my head to the side and tried to put on my best smile. Liz, the school’s music teacher, was looking expectantly at me.

“It’s in a few months, isn’t it?” she then asked, widening her smile.

I nodded my head and tried to think of something else to say to carry the conversation, but a familiar mop of blonde hair nabbed my attention from afar. Jane was huddled in a circle with Anne and a few other friends. They were wearing their graduation gowns, which was too long in my opinion, but the wind would blow against it from time to time to reveal their above-the-knee plaid skirts.

Fuck. I cursed inwardly again. My cock officially had a mind of its own. I shifted slightly to the side. I didn’t want to be poking Liz or anyone else with my dick, and with Jane, I wanted to do more than poke.

“Fuck,” I said to myself, shaking my head and laughing. My thoughts were betraying me, and I knew it was just futile to control my thoughts.

“Oh—” The look on Liz’s face was priceless. She was three years older than I was, but acted much older than thirty. To put it bluntly, she walked around like she had a stick up her ass, and someone needed to get that stick out, but that wasn’t going to be me.

“Sorry,” I apologized. “I just remembered something I needed to do.”

“Oh, what is it?” she asked, shifting her eyes away to look at the students and parents milling about.

Most of them were taking pictures and exchanging well wishes. I eyed Jane from afar. She was holding her phone in front of her and taking selfies with friends. I noticed she was the only one in her group who didn’t carry a bouquet of roses.

Where were her parents? Had they left already?

These affluent, wealthy students had a lot of those—absentee parents. Well, the parents had to get the money from somewhere. The fifty-five-thousand-dollar annual tuition didn’t pay for itself.

“Sorry, am I bothering you?” Liz asked when I hadn’t said anything in the past two minutes.

Yes. “No, of course not.” I said a little too quickly. “I mean…there’s really nothing much to say about studying for the bar is there? It’s in two months, so I’m just trying to take in as much information as I can. I’ll be spending the summer with my face in the books.”

Or between Jane’s parted thighs.

“Well, I’m sure teaching Civics and Government helps.”

Not really, but I nodded my head. “It does.”

Jane helps, my consciousness said, and I realized I needed to leave before I could get a full-fledged hard-