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The Teacher and the Virgin

By:Jessa James

ng to lose my virginity if I didn’t know the first thing about sex? Sure, I knew how to pleasure myself and some porn videos seemed easy enough to follow, but would the real thing be as easy to do? The only dicks I’d seen in person were my cousins’ back when our parents would make us swim naked together when we were four years old. I was a cold, lonely—and horny—virgin.

“We graduate in a week.” I passed the note to Anne, bit my lip.

Now, I was just writing down random things in the hopes that she wouldn’t see right through me and realize how affected I was by what she’d just said.

“He’ll never touch you.”

It stung, really. I’d been crushing hard on Mr. Parker since the start of the school year and now it was almost over. What would I do when I couldn’t see him every day?

“He’s hot.”

“You ARE crazy. There’s no way you’re having sex with a teacher.”

My reply to her was easy, and the truth. “I don’t want anyone else. He’s the one who’s going to take my virginity.”

Making it happen was impossible.

My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw Mr. Parker walking towards me. Was my deepest fantasy finally coming true? Of course not. Before I knew it, he took the notes in my hands and skimmed through them.

Oh. My. God.

I glanced at Anne and her cheeks were as red as her hair. She hadn’t been the one who’d written all those things in the notes. She wasn’t the one who was going to be in trouble. I was.

This was the perfect time for the floor to open and swallow me whole. This would be social suicide – my classmates finding out I wanted to fuck my teacher. Telling Anne in a note was one thing, but this? God, I’d never live it down.

I didn’t even want to think about what my parents would say when I was sent to the office. They were absent most, if not all the time, and only seemed to care when it was to reprimand or ground me. I spent about half the school year living with the maid as they travelled Europe, or Africa, or wherever the hell they were now. Knowing I wanted to have sex with a teacher would make them freak.

I closed my eyes and waited for him to read it aloud like he usually did when he caught us passing notes.

Holding my breath, I looked up at him through my lashes.

His dark eyes were pinned to mine as he read the note. “Can’t wait to be done with school. No more uniforms,” he said, his voice loud for all to hear as he walked back to the front of the room.

I whipped my head up when those words came out of his mouth. He read it, knew the truth and didn’t give me away?

I was safe from my classmates, but not from him. The way he looked at me curiously was a dead giveaway. I couldn’t read him though, and it was freaking me out and exciting me at the same time. He knew how much I wanted him now. He knew! But he looked emotionless. Was he disgusted or infuriated? Was he even shocked, or was this a common occurrence with his students? Would he send me to the principal’s office? Did he think the note was a joke? Or worse? Did he think it was real and just had absolutely no interest? Maybe he had a smoking hot model for a girlfriend, someone who knew her way around his cock, who knew how to please him.

I didn’t know anything about what to do with a man. All I knew was I wanted him.

He raised his brow, and the blush that surfaced on my cheeks was automatic. Thankfully, the bell rang, and Anne and I stood up from our seats in a rush. I grabbed Anne by the arm and almost ran towards the door. I was almost free from further humiliation until I heard my name being called.

“Jane,” said that ever-familiar voice that haunted my imagination. When my friend stopped to stand beside me, he added, “You can go ahead, Anne. I just want to have a word with Jane.”

The rest of my classmates filed out of the room and Anne followed suit. When it was finally just the two of us, I clasped my hands together and waited for the sermon. I wanted to hug myself. No good could come out of my teacher reading a note basically saying I wanted him to fuck me. Was thinking dirty thoughts enough for disciplinary action? Could I be expelled? My heart sunk. Graduation was next week. There was no way—

He crossed his arms over his broad chest. “I want you right here, one hour after graduation.”

I didn’t want to overthink more than what I was already doing, but the way he looked at me made it seem that I had nothing to worry about. Instead, I had everything to worry about. I waited for him to say something more and watched as his eyes trailed from my ankle socks, up to my plaid skirt to my white blouse, then finally met my surprised gaze.

Did he know I was wet for him? Could he see me squirming from his scrutiny?

I never got the answer to that. When an unfamiliar student entered the room, that was my cue to leave and head to my next class.

“Jane, you didn’t answer me,” he said.

“Yes,” I replied, starting toward the door.

“Yes, sir,” he added and I stopped in my tracks.

A shiver coursed through me at the deep tone of his voice.

I glanced back, saw that he was waiting for me to repeat it.

“Yes, sir,” I whispered, finding saying those two words really hot. Yes, I wanted him to be my teacher in more than just US government.

As I walked the hallways I’d never see again in a week’s time, all I could think about was after graduation. He’d told—no, commanded—me to come back and meet him. I just had to wonder… why?

Chapter Two

Mr. Parker

She was fucking gorgeous as she received her diploma, and she knew it.

With wavy blonde hair that fell past her shoulders and deep brown eyes, she was so damn hot.

Jane. My Jane.

The high school was small, only a few hundred students. So even the teachers were in the loop when it came to students, even if they didn’t have a student in their class. I knew Jane was one of the most popular senior girls. It was easily because of her looks. She had soft and welcoming facial features, but he