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Frailty, The Darkshine

By:Jenika Snow

d as she rose, a little bit of fear still inside of her as she made her way down the stage and stood in front of them. She wasn’t much bigger than Helina, but she could detect the underlying power the queen held. The air was thick as they stared at each other, but Helina refused to back down. Eventually the queen blew out a frustrated breath and lifted her nose up.

“I congratulate you on your pick, my son. Welcome, Helina Alges, to the royal family.” Queen Catalia spoke to Gaijryc directly and gave him a hug. She spared Helina a glance and small smile, but that was the extent of it.

The king and queen left, murmuring softly to each other. Helina turned and wrapped her arms around Gaijryc. She didn’t care that there were people around as she leaned up and kissed him deeply. He wrapped his arms around her, deepening the kiss and pulling her closer. Helina heard a throat clear and broke the kiss to turn around. Lizzy and Ryce stood side by side, a smile on both of their faces as they gave their congratulations. Helina wrapped her arms around her sister, so thankful that she was there with her.

The whole situation was still so surreal to her, but Helina no longer felt like it was a nightmare. As she stepped back and looked between Gaijryc and Lizzy, she was so thankful for the way things had worked out. It might never feel real to her and she might never get used to her new life, but as long as she had the two of them, she could handle anything that was thrown at her.