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Play Along

By:T L Swan

om my handbag.

What the fuck?

I start to struggle frantically. I have got to get out of here. I jiggle my whole body to try and loosen the ties. “What do you want?” I cry.

He ignores me and pulls my licence from my wallet. He holds it up and reads it.

“Roshelle Meyers,” he murmurs.

“Get out of my things,” I snap.

He glances up and smirks, walking towards me before he kneels next to me on the bed. “I have already been in your…” He hesitates and runs his fingers through my open sex and then puts them into his mouth. “Things,” he replies dryly, arching his brow.

My eyes close. Oh God. I don’t remember.

Shame fills me.

“Let me go,” I whisper as tears escape and roll down my cheeks.

His hand travels slowly up my torso. He cups my full breast and then bends and takes it in his mouth. “I like these,” he whispers into my breast.

I screw up my face and shake my head. “Please… stop it. Please, I beg. What do you want? Let me go. You have had your fun.”

He bites my nipple hard and I gasp in pain.

“I haven’t started to have fun yet,” he whispers coldly.

“Untie me. Please, untie me,” I beg.

He shakes his head as he runs his fingers back toward my sex and slides them through my lubricated flesh. I’m wet. Have I had sex? “Did you…?” I hesitate.

His dark eyes dance with delight. “My tongue did.”

My eyes widen in horror.

He bends and kisses my sex and I buck off the bed to try and get him off me.

“I couldn’t help myself,” he whispers. “A sweet smelling pussy tied open for my gaze is something that I can’t resist. You enjoyed it, by the way.” He lies next to me on the bed and rests up on his elbow. He looks down at me as his hand slides back up my body to cup my breast. “Let’s get one thing straight.” He sneers.

I turn my head away so I don’t have to look at him and he grabs my face and drags my eyes to meet his.

“I’m the boss here.”

I glare at him.

“You do what I want, when I want.”

“Like fuck I do,” I whisper angrily.

He smiles an evil smile. “If what I want is my cock splitting your virginal ass in two… then that’s my call. Not fucking yours.”

I swallow the fear in my throat as his cold eyes hold mine.

“Go to Hell,” I whisper.

“I’m the gate keeper of Hell, baby. Welcome home.”


His eyes hold mine before he stands and pulls a t-shirt over his head and zips up his jeans. He walks toward the door.

“Where…. where are you going?” I stammer.

“Out,” he grunts.

I look around the cold room. “You can’t leave me here like this. Please. Please let me go. Untie me.” I shake my head in a panic. “I won’t say anything to anyone. I swear, I won’t.”

His eyes hold mine for a moment before he turns toward the door again.

“I’m cold. Please. Let me get some clothes on,” I plead.

Without a care or one smidgen of remorse, he disappears out the door. It clicks as he turns the lock from the outside.


The sound of my breath quivers through the air. I pant as I try to control my erratic heartbeat. Petrified tears of despair roll down my cheeks.

What do I do now?

The glow of a small lamp is the only light in the large room and it’s been hours since my captor left. To the right of the door is a sliding doorway that I’m assuming leads to a bathroom. I can see the reflection of a towel hanging up in a mirror. A small desk, lamp, and chair are in the corner and a small two-seater lounge is at the foot of the bed. The room is cold and unwelcoming. The walls are painted a dark, charcoal grey, and I have this weird sensation that the room is moving. I know it can’t be, it must be the drugs they gave me to knock me out. It feels as though it’s nearly morning, although I have completely lost track of time. I hear a commotion outside and then the key turning in the door.

Oh no. He’s back. My heart rate picks up and I stop breathing as I watch the door slowly open. He comes into sight and flicks the light on, smiling darkly as his eyes scan my body.

“Honey, I’m home.” He smirks.

Fucking asshole.

I turn my head away from him and stare at the wall. I can’t even look at this monster. Suddenly, a group of drunk men stumble into the room behind him and I screw up my face in fear. The smell of alcohol is pungent and I know they are here to take turns.

“We came for our dessert.” One of the men smiles as he unzips his jeans.

They all start to wolf whistle as one gropes my breast and another puts his hand between my legs.

“No,” I whisper. “Please, no.”

“Hands off.” The tall man growls. “Get out.”

“Fuck off, man. You’ve had your fun. It’s our turn.” He unzips his pants and holds his dick above my face.

The tall man pushes him away from me. “I said… get the fuck out. I’m not sharing. I told you already.”

Another man takes my breast in his mouth and the tall guy pushes him to the floor violently and kicks him while he’s down. Another one launches himself over my body and the tall guy punches him hard in the face. They all start to argue.

“We brought her here for all of us,” one man yells.

“The rules have changed. Get out!” He growls angrily as he pushes one man toward the door.

Another man takes one last attempt to touch me and the tall guy goes ballistic and punches him hard three times in the face. After a lot of pushing, shoving, and arguing, the men finally leave. He locks the door behind him and then turns back toward me.

I let myself breathe and then I see arousal flash across his face and my relief is short lived.

Now he’s going to have his fun.

I feel sick.

I can’t do this.

He walks over to the side of the bed and stares down at me. I look at him through blurred vision.

“Drug me,” I whisper as I turn my head away from him. “Knock me out.”

“You don’t want to enjoy me?” he asks flatly.

I swallow the lump in my throat as I stare at the wall, the tears running down my face. I can’t believe he just asked me that.

I turn back to