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Young pussy

By:Rick Arledge

stopped his caressing and picked up his glasses, "So that they won't be damaged." He explained.

Sandy allowed him to put the glasses in his breast pocket, then she snapped, "Get on your knees again slave!"

Elton dropped to his knees and Sandy allowed him to put his mouth up against her bikini covered pussy.

She asked, "Do you like that? Would you like to suck my pussy?" She saw Elton nod his head. Sandy ordered, "Pull my panties down to the floor, so that my cunt can be right against your face. Yes, my bare cunt up against your face. I don't know whether I'll let you kiss it or not. I'll decide. Slave, go and wash my panties and when you come back maybe I'll give you a reward. But, before you go; take off all of your clothes except your undershorts."

Elton rose from his kneeling position with Sandy's panties clutched tightly in his hands. His eyes were shut and he stood for a moment motionless.

He felt a stinging slap on his face and then another and he heard Sandy crying out, "Take those Goddamn clothes off. No, not all of the clothes. Leave your fucking shorts on. That's all I want to see."

Elton said, "Yes. Yes. Do you mind if I fold them up? If I don't fold them up, they will loose their press?" Elton waited for an answer.

Sandy just glared at him. Her mouth formed a hard tight thin line and she stared downward at him. She stepped forward on top of the clothing that Elton was removing. She ground her heel into the jacket shirt and tore the corner of his grey colored white shirt.

Elton pleaded, "Please. Please." He felt his cock start to get hard.

The tent that it formed under his underwear seemed to infuriate Sandy. She reached down and grasped his half hard wang and commanded, "Wash my panties and then come back." She squeezed his dong and kept him from going to the bathroom. "What's holding you up? Why don't you go and wash my panties?" Sandy never let go of Elton's joint.

"… But… you're not letting me go. You're holding me back. Please let me go. Please let me go."

Sandy released his semi-hard burgeoning penis and allowed Elton to run to the bathroom. He had just about reached the bathroom door when Sandy called out, "Stop. Suck the crotch of my panties!"

Elton shoved the panty crotch in his mouth and ground his teeth into the soft flowered, black, silky material. He could taste Sandy's cream and sweat that had oozed into the cunt position of her panties. The taste titillated Elton's palate and he sucked on the material mixing his saliva with the hot taste of Sandy's drippings.

Elton moaned and sucked until Sandy again commanded him, "Go and wash my fucking panties. Can't you see I'm in a hurry?" She watched Elton trot around the doorway and into the 'john'. She called out, "Use the soap in the cabinet." The sound of Elton letting the water rush into the sink made Sandy think of how she could use Elton. "What's taking you so long? Just let them soak in the sink and come back here."

Elton came out of the bathroom and faced Sandy. He tried to hold her around the waist and kiss her, but she turned her face away from him saying, "Not those lips, stupid. The ones down between my legs. The hot red lips that are dripping my cream. I want you to lap my cunt. Do you understand, cuntlapper?" Sandy laid back on the couch with her legs spread wide. Her inflamed orifice was raised high in the air, by a pillow that she had jammed under her arse. She commanded, "Elton, get down on your knees and start sucking! Now!"

Elton got down on his knees, in between Sandy's outstretched long lovely legs. He gazed into her pussy. Its gaping mouth seemed to be dribbling out copious quantities of cream. He put his face near to her cuntlips. He sniffed and smelled the deliciousness of Sandy's exciting twat. He snuffed up to her crotch and smelled her gash with long savoring breaths.

Sandy interrupted his thoughts, "I told you to suck my cunt… not smell it. What in the hell do I have to do to make you understand me." Her hand lashed out and struck the back of his head a light grazing blow.

Elton writhed his hips and placed each of his hands on each side of Sandy's inviting arse cheeks. He could feel the wetness dribbling down from her cunt to her arse. He buried his face in Sandy's hot, flaming, red trench and began to lick at Sandy's little man in the boat. He licked and whipped his tongue from one end of her flaming trench to the other. His saliva dripped outwards from his tongue and mixed with Sandy's cunt juice. Elton placed one of his hands on his cock.

Sandy shouted at Elton, "You bastard! Where are you putting your other hand? Get that hand off your wang and hold my cuntlips apart and suck, slave. Suck me out good. Don't stop and fool around. I want to feel your hands on my cunt and only on my cunt. Suck slave! Suck harder! Let me hear the sound! Come on, bastard! Suck! Lick my juice! Don't waste a drop! Lick every bit of it up!"

Elton moaned and his tongue and lips made loud slurping sucking noises, "Slurp… Slurp." He sucked up the delicious white creaming cunt juice that flowed freely from Sandy's enraged cunt. He could feel the wetness of her cuntlips and the moving of them in and out. The little clitoris became swollen and like his cock head grew in size until he thought that it couldn't grow anymore. But, it did get longer. It became what he had always read and dreamed about: a real genuine full grown spur cock. He had heard about spur cocks. Some of them were over one inch long and it was like sucking an extra long stiff hard smooth nipple. A woman thus endowed could even fuck another woman by holding her spur cock under the hood of her partner and having it pressed against her partner's normal sized love knob.

Sandy pushed Elton's face harder into her exposed gash. "Suck my clit! Suck my clit! Work your head up and down! Haven't you ever sucked a man off? Move your head up and down! Whip your tongue around my clitoris and keep your damn