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By:Rick Arledge

that Elton was a spend thrift," he said out loud as he paid for his two oranges. Thus laden, he scurried out of the supermarket towards his co-op apartment on the 15th floor. As he fumbled with the keys, he could bear the phone ringing in his apartment. The steel door became an opponent and the key just wouldn't slide into the lock. The phone rang and rang again and just as Elton burst through the door of his apartment the ringing ceased.

Elton put his food on a table and walked back to the door and removed his keys. He closed the door softly and threw the bolt. He looked at his watch and saw that it was fourteen minutes after six p.m. "I wonder if that was Sandy calling," he muttered. He lit the oven and set the thermostat following the exact printed instructions that were printed on the TV dinner package.

He sat down and peeled an orange; while he waited for the TV dinner to cook. Elton had just shoved a segment of the orange into his mouth when the phone rang. He gulped hard and the orange juice ran from the corners of his mouth and dribbled to his chin.

"Hello," he slurped. The orange was still caught in his mouth.

"Elton where were you? I called you before. You were not home. Where the hell were you? Didn't I tell you to wait for me to call. Man alive, I thought you were dependable. Even when I tell you what to do, you screw it all up. Haven't you got any God damn brains? Well, tell me why weren't you home?"

"Errr, errr… well. I was late this morning and I just couldn't catch up with myself all day."

"Elton, I don't want to hear this shit. You just get your ass over here and take me out to dinner."

"But, I… already got a TV dinner in the oven and…"

Sandy interrupted, "Well throw it out and get your clothes on and get over here. I'll expect you at seven-fifteen and bring your charge cards. I've invited a few friends to come alone."

"Well… ah ah hhh…"

"Never mind the shit, get over here!" and Sandy banged the phone down.

Sandy sat back and thought about where she would tell Elton to take her to eat. She really didn't have any guests, but she just wanted to test a little of her power out on Elton. While she had been talking to Elton, her legs were wide spread and she sat upright on a leather arm chair. Her pussy had dribbled onto the smooth shiny leather and made it slippery. She wriggled her buttocks into the slime and slid in a tight circle on the leather surface. The feeling of leather excited Sandy and she pictured herself in her leather outfit directing Elton her slave in various situations.

Sandy took her right index finger and put in on the soft down covered mons. She cupped her palm and massaged gently. She felt her split open and begin to throb. She looked down and pushed her finger between her slippery outer cuntlips just barely touching them. The sensation of her forefinger slipping softly in between her Labia Majora made her writhe in her own cream that dribbled from her hot wet pussy. Her finger slid back and forth and the sensation was maddening.

Sandy threw one leg over the arm of the chair and hooked her forefinger into the opening of her honey pot. She wondered what Elton would be like when he came to pick her up. She opened her eyes and withdrew her finger from her hot quim and said to herself, 'I'll save it for later and then it'll be better.'

The doorbell rang and Elton held some flowers out to Sandy, "I thought you would like these flowers."

Sandy took the flowers and said, "Oh thank you. You're a darling."

Elton stepped into the foyer and Sandy closed the door after him. In the process of hooking the door chain into its place her dressing gown slid open exposing the whiteness of her globes. A thin line of white connected both titties. This line was where the two bikini brassiere cups were pulled towards each other, by a fine ribbon.

Sandy made no motion to cover herself and she felt her pussy contract and squeeze some of her cream down the inside of her thighs. She took Elton's hand and said, "Come on in. The flowers are beautiful." She placed them in a vase and smiled sweetly in Elton's direction. She allowed her robe to open still further exposing her flat stomach and twat covered with brown down to Elton.

Elton sat down and looked around the room, saying, "Well I'm only three minutes late!"

"That's all right Elton. The flowers make up for everything. Would you like to help me dress?"

Elton looked downward and mumbled something, "Well errrr… What can I do to help?"

Sandy said, "Get up and help me take my dressing gown off. Come on Elton get your arse moving."

Elton stood up and Sandy faced him. Her dressing gown was wide open and Elton's eyes started to look toward the floor. Sandy towered over Elton and she grabbed his hair again and made him look up at her bare titties. She placed his hands on her dressing gown and said, "Come on Elton. Take the God damn thing off of me. If you want to help me; help me. Come on. Take it off of me!"

Elton hesitatingly took Sandy's dressing gown from her shoulders exposing her bare milk white globes to his eager gaze.

Sandy had a pair of very brief black flower bikini panties on. As the robe fell to the floor Elton kneeled down on his knees and threw his arms around Sandy's thighs. He buried his face in her silken covered muff. He breathed deeply through his nose, smelting the odor of Sandy's pussy. He turned his face sideways and said, "Ohhh." His ears felt the heat that came from her vaginal crease and Sandy pushed downwards on his head moving his nose away from her cleft.

Elton strained upwards and said, "Let me feel it? Let me smell it?"

Sandy smiled and said, "Will you be my slave? Would you like to suck on my panties crotch? Or, would you rather wash my panties and suck my pussy? No never mind. I'll tell you what to do, slave."

Elton continued to hug Sandy's legs to his chest, eyes closed. His glasses had fallen to the floor and Elton suddenly