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Young pussy

By:Rick Arledge

king on her clitoris and she ground her hips until she came at the same time as Elton and Sandy.

All three sat up and happily wrapped their arm around each other. Sandy was the first to speak. "Susan would you like to come and live with us? I think I'll let Elton move into the spare bedroom in my apartment. Then he can always be my slave and do all my bidding. My precious love, would you like to share my slave with me? And we'll have each other."

"Ohhhhh, yes Sandy. I would love that. Very much…" Susan sighed and thought to herself, 'Well, I guess I don't mind as long as I will be the one sharing her bed.'

Elton smiled and said, "Thanks Sandy. I'll be happy to have Susan live with us and I'm happy to be the slave for both of you. Thank you very much."

So all three started living together and were as happy as three peas in a pod!