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By:Rick Arledge

nd carry the garbage out and he did so without a murmur.

Elton seemed to like being told what to do. The more Sandy leaned on him and actually ordered him around the more he seemed attracted to her. His beady, shifty eyes had been frozen on her crotch white he was massaging her feet, but when Sandy tried to hold his eyes he would look away and look down humbly. He had been rubbing her feet for quite a while and furtively looking at the cunt that Sandy purposely showed him every so often. She spread her legs wide apart and Elton dropped his eyes away from her crotch. Sandy reached forward, grabbed a forelock of his hair and lifted his face up to look straight into her eyes and then down again directly into her gaping split. She felt that this was the man that she really wanted for her slave.

'How can I get him?' Sandy thought. She answered herself very simply, 'Damn, all I have to do is call him!'

Elton's hand moved rapidly up and down on his slippery shaft. His eyes bored into the hole of his cock. It was fantastic. He was really getting a boner. He could see Sandy vividly in his mind. He saw the inside of her suntanned smooth thighs and the baby skinned color that surrounded her dark pubic hair. Her moist pink split was open and almost glistened in contrast to its surrounding area. Her pubic hair ran from her arse cheeks up and around her lovely cuntlips and to almost the line marked off by the darkened skin of her suntan. He remembered how Sandy had grabbed his hair and forced him to look straight into her eyes and then down again to the vision of her beautiful pink pussy. The thought of Sandy's sweet pussy inflamed his thoughts and his shaft throbbed against his closed jerking fist. He bent further over and stroked more slowly muttering to himself out loud. "Sandy… Sandy. Pull my hair. Tell to take the garbage out. Call me a mother-fucker and bastard. Let me do your bidding. Let me be near you."

He crossed his legs and moved his hand more slowly over the now bulbous head of his throbbing cock. The semen oozed from his cock hole and kept the lather slippery. He bent further over his cock and opened his mouth. He felt the pressures in his balls and at the base of his shaft build up. He stroked very lightly now and his orgasm approached very slowly. More semen gurgled from his urethra. His other hand pulled and massaged on his balls. He squeezed and twisted them until they pained and his beating hand started to pick up speed. Elton crossed his legs tighter and tried to hold this gusher back. He opened his mouth wider and his cock erupted its white fire.

Each throb made his excited cock pump another hot jet of white sticky sperm upwards into his open mouth. He savored the taste and rolled it around on his tongue before he swallowed the white stickiness. The vision that had been so vivid a moment ago was gone. Sandy's commanding voice and exposed pussy were no longer there and his cock became once more flaccid. "Well, I guess I better finish shaving, so I won't be late for work."

Elton went to the kitchen and took three different brands of cold cereal from the shelf and poured a portion of each into a large soup bowl. He carefully measured out six ounces of milk in a measuring cup and poured this over his cereal. The instant coffee was measured out very carefully and boiling water of the right relative proportion was poured into his cup. Elton was very meticulous and organized. He never did anything without first thinking about it six times. Hemming and hawing about it six times and then finally not doing anything. It was only when somebody was able to pressure Elton into something that Elton ever did anything. Elton sat in the dim light of his grey dreary kitchen and decided that now was the time to telephone Sandy.

The phone rang and Sandy rolled to her side trying to avoid its insistent sound. The phones tintinnabulation was never ending and she decided that since it wasn't going to stop, she had better answer it; and find out who in the hell could be calling her at seven a.m. in the morning.


Elton didn't answer.

Sandy repeated louder and in a more commanding voice, "Hello! Who in the hell is this?"

Elton swallowed and replied, "Good morning. I just thought that I would call you up and wake you, just to say hello. I've just been thinking about you and I couldn't resist just calling to say hello."

"You God damn son of a bitch. You dirty bastard. You have your fucking nerve calling me a this damn hour. Do I have to tell you everything? Man alive, get smart. Don't bug me at this hour ever again! Are you listening to me? I'll call you later when I get good and ready. You just had better be by the God damn phone, otherwise your shit out of luck! Do you understand Elton? Do you get the message? Do I have to spell it out for you again? Don't call me on the phone at this hour."

Elton's wang started to throb when Sandy spoke to him this way. Here was a woman who took command of the situation. He replied, "I'll be home from work at six o'clock tonight and I'll wait by the phone."

Sandy said, "You'd better!" and she slammed the telephone receiver down into its cradle.

The loud click hit Elton's ear drum and somehow vibrated down to a throb in his cock. Elton made a note on his pad; Sandy, 7 a.m. local call and the number.

Elton left the house five minutes later than usual. He couldn't quite understand how he was suddenly very late to work. To Elton, late meant less than a half hour before clock-in time. He didn't like anybody to be able to say that he was late or unreliable.


That evening after work Elton came out of the subway still behind his normal time schedule. It would be impossible for him to be at home by six p.m., but he hurried anyway. A quick stop at the A amp;P and he picked up a TV dinner and a bottle of Pepsi. Then he rushed to a different supermarket where oranges were on sale. "Nobody could say