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By:Rick Arledge


Elton was a short man with a receding hairline and pepper and salt greying temples. All his life, he had lived conservatively. He had a steady job and for all practical purposes Elton seemed more or less well-adjusted and happy. Elton had been married once and had a young daughter about fourteen years old, who at the present time was living with her natural mother. There was only one problem: he was very lonely. Happy, in a sense materially, but emotionally he was alone.

Every morning, when the alarm clock went off at five a.m. Elton was able to leap from his bed and hit the cold bare floor and without pausing for a breath, reach the bathroom and take great joy in hearing the sound of his hot yellow piss hit the toilet bowl. The sound of his hot piss was like music to his ears. He loved to hear the sound echo in the bathroom. At a given point, Elton would apply pressure to the base of his cock to feel the urine running out. Sometimes, he pinched the hole and played games with himself as he was urinating. The sensations woke him and when he stopped pissing, he shook his cock so that the last drops wouldn't run down his leg and stain his yellow striped pajamas.

The light in the bathroom over the mirror glared downwards and lit Elton's greying face. The grey stubble of his beard glistened in the bright light. He ran his fingers across his face noticing the hollow cheeks the drawn look. He thought to himself, 'I've got to remember never to take my teeth out.' He reached into a glass of water and withdrew his dentures. With a quick motion he snapped them into his mouth and remarked out loud, "Yes, yes, I've got to remember to keep my teeth in my mouth."

"I guess I'll have to shave. I shave every day. It looks good." Elton reached into the medicine cabinet and took out his favorite Gillette Razor remarking out loud again, "They sure made them good in the army. I guess that was the best year for razors." He lathered up his face with soap and water and proceeded to scratch the stubble from his face.

As he scratched away, he felt the coldness of the porcelain sink against his cock and balls. It felt good through his pajama bottoms. He moved his ass in and out, up against the cold sink. The shaving job was almost done when Elton decided that he'd like to look at his cock. He put the razor down and pulled the draw string on his pajama pants. His pajama pants fell to the floor around his ankles and he stepped out of them. His half-rampant wang didn't jangle and didn't really jiggle, it was just sort of half-hard. He reached up with his right hand and took some of the lather from his face and laid it on his prick and tight drawn up ball sac. He turned around and sat down on the toilet seat and massaged the slippery soap suds in and around his grayed pubic hair. Every once in a while he would slide his hand upwards on his semi-hard shaft and rub the palm of his hand around and around the head of his peter.

His eyes bulged outwards and his myopic eyes stared and concentrated on the hole of his semi-hard shaft. He rubbed his penis with the thumb and forefinger only and he enjoy watching his peter being whipped back and forth and up and down. He reached down with his other hand and pulled hard-on his ball sac. He felt his balls slide from one side of his palm to the other and his manipulating hand further heightened the friction sensation that his whipping right hand made him feel at the end of his pinkish tinged knob.

The lather in his hand started to dry, making his palm feel very rough on his shaft. He removed his hand momentarily and spit a big gob into his palm. The spit started to dissipate itself in the thickened lather and Elton started to work his gonads. He started to squirm downwards on the toilet seat and he started to think about Sandy.

Sandy was a tall, straight blonde haired girl. She towered six inches above Elton. She was at least one head taller. Her skin was deeply tanned and the outline of her bikini made her super-boobs stand out in a milk white color. The milk whiteness of Sandy's tits were high-lighted by pink areolae and sharply pointed nipples. Her belly was flat and her legs were long and supple. An untanned V exposed her pubic hair against the white untanned skin of her mound of Venus. The untanned parts of Sandy made it look like she was wearing a transparent mini-bikini. Her long fingers were able to make Elton feel the hotness of his youth. Sandy's lips were full and straight and her strong chin, in combination with her high nordic cheek bones gave her a very stern looking air. She was truly a dominating female. Sandy believed in discipline for discipline's sake. She felt everything must be in order and she was prepared always to take the lead and set things right. The men that she attracted were generally a little older than herself and of the Casper-milk-toast variety.

Sandy had been making the swinging scene lately; Bermuda, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and of course, London. She had finally found what she liked when she had sex. The thing that really twisted her head was to completely dominate a man. Like some girls collect porcelain china and other kinds of knickknacks, Sandy collected sex toys. There were long, short and fat dildos. She had dildos that vibrated and squirted hot gelatin when the balls were squeezed. She also had rough strong ropes, chains and a fantastically large collection of whips. The only thing that she was lacking, was a slave. This slave would be hers and hers alone to control and do her bidding. If he didn't she could punish him. He would be completely under her power.

Last week, she had a party in her apartment and had met someone who seemed to be 'just her cup of tea'. He had waited on her hand and foot. She had made him scratch her back for two hours and rub her feet with lotion. The back rubbing and foot massaging had happened after the other guests had left. She had commanded him to do the dishes a