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The Pleasure Zone



Nairobia smiled wickedly.


The sweet notes of “Send Me Out” by Kelela played as flames swayed across the stunning fountain’s water on the club’s second level. The song was sexy. The artist’s voice poured out of the speakers like warm honey. And it made the air around Nairobia thicken with sexual energy. She skimmed a hand down her neck, then allowed it to glide down over her pulsing body.

The club’s grand opening had exceeded her wildest expectations. It was close to midnight, the bewitching hour—the freak hour, and the club was packed with hard-bodied hunks and curvaceously heeled women thrust in the throes of decadence.

Nairobia’s tongue slid across her teeth as she gathered the drool that formed in her mouth, and swallowed. Salacious thoughts and forbidden desires bloomed into sinful realities right before her and she was…well, she was shamelessly wet.

Sweet pussies slid down hard dicks. Thick dicks pushed through swollen cunts; balls pushing against asses, while wandering hands skated up bodies to cup bouncing breasts. The music and the delicious sounds of orgasms echoed around the club. Permeated its walls.

And Nairobia was floating.

On lust.

On mounting desire.

Nipples peaked, her gaze swept around the sensual space, her arousal heightening. The luminosity of the flickering firelight from the gas lamps reflected beautifully off tiled mosaics of notoriously lusty satyrs and maidens. The walls illuminated by the fire’s glow and its dancing flames gave the illusion that the satyrs were moving, their hips thrusting.

She felt herself growing lusciously wetter.

Not from the room’s ambiance, but from the sight of a mocha-colored, mink-lashed vixen being ravaged by three delectable, broad-shouldered chocolate hunks. She was straddling the one with the braids, his long legs stretched out along an oversized burnt-orange leather sofa as his hips thrust up in her, slicing into her cunt. Another, dark chocolate with dreads, was in back of her, his large hands on either side of her ass cheeks, the ring of her anus stretched around the head of his jumbo-size dick as he eased himself in and out of her, loosening the way inside her tunnel. The third hunk, bald, caramel-coated bliss, stood with both his hands on his hips, his legs spread wide, his balls dangling over Mr. Braids’ face as Mink Lash licked the head of his dick.

Nairobia felt the urging need to squeeze her thighs together, and she did.

There was a deep throb, a sweet aching, spreading through her pussy as she watched the four lovers in the throes of unadulterated pleasure. Her cunt caught fire, enflaming her slickened lips. She could feel the flames quickly spreading through her asshole, swirling up and around her clit. Her whole body became engulfed in heat.

And she needed relief.

She needed something long, hard and thick to hose down the inferno raging inside her.

She needed to be…fucked.

And the hedonistic sounds of hot, raw, sweaty fucking only coiled her desires tighter and tighter, squeezing her soul helpless until she found herself nearly breathless.

Nairobia knew she needed to turn on her heel and flee to the comforts of her plush office and watch all of the fucktivities from the safety of monitors that gave her a bird’s-eye view of every wicked, every sordid, every salacious act performed in every part of her establishment before she broke her rule and joined in. Temptation was gnawing away at her resolve.

Yet, there she stood.

Fixed on the glorious sight before her.

Mink Lash opened herself to her three stallions, giving into the dick and the heat. She moaned loudly over the music. There was a delicious rhythm all three cocks found, thrusting and retreating, fucking into her holes. Pure bliss coated Mink Lash’s face as she grunted and groaned and writhed around each thrusting cock.

Nairobia knew all too well the delicious feeling of being penetrated in all three orifices, pussy and ass and throat stuffed balls deep. She almost envied the busty vixen as she captured their meaty cocks in her greedy holes.


Watching the foursome was slowly uncoiling all her self-control, and Nairobia knew it. She felt it. But she wasn’t ready to leave. No. Not yet.

So she prowled closer.

The voyeur in her wanted—no, needed—to see more. They knew she was watching them and they fucked with wild abandon, wanting to be seen. Wanting to be heard. Wanting their wet, scented heat to be savored.

Nairobia seductively licked her lips, breathing in the aphrodisiac.

She wanted to bite into the air and swallow up the musky heat.

“Yes, my loves,” she rasped, edging over toward the sofa. “Stretch her to the hilt. Fuck into her soul.” She stalked around the sofa. “Fuck haar ademloos…” Fuck her breathless.

She found herself taking a slender, manicured finger and ever so lightly sliding it down Carmel-Coated’s spine, then over the globes of his muscled ass. She reveled in its magnificence. Next to a long, thick dick, a man’s beautiful muscled-ass was another one of her weaknesses.

He thrust hard into Mink Lash’s mouth and then slowed. “Open your fuckin’ mouth,” he ordered. She did what she was told, and he slid his dick gently over her tongue, rubbing the tip over her lips before plunging back inside the wetness of her juicy mouth. Mink Lash gagged. “Suck that dick,” he growled.

Nairobia smiled. Mink Lash was a good, greedy bitch. She knew how to submit to the dick. Nairobia admired that. And obviously so did her three lovers. Her pussy and ass and mouth were spread wide with cock. Caramel-Coated feathered a hand over Mink Lash’s cheek, then took her head and held it in place, thrusting, deeper, pushing every inch of himself to the back of throat.

“Yes, my love,” Nairobia whispered in his ear, “clog her throat with your hard cock. Crush her windpipe, my darling.” Spit splashed out of Mink Lash’s mouth, her eyes watered. Nairobia slapp