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The Pleasure Zone


ery moment was the farthest thing from her mind. She wanted his long tongue on her clit, in her pussy.

She whispered in his ear, “My poison tonight is, een natte tong op mijn kut.” A wet tongue on my pussy.

He smiled, then replied huskily, “Your every wish is my command, Mademoiselle.” His bulging chest muscles and abs rippled. Even the sight of his thick forearms, lined with wide veins, made her pussy churn in delight. She imagined him using her naked body as his human bench-press, lifting her up over his head the way one would a set of one hundred-pound barbells.

Nairobia inhaled deeply and held it. She rubbed a smooth hand over his rock-hard pectorals, right before pushing out a warm gush of cinnamon-scented breath, slipping her tongue into his ear and telling him how her pussy whispered from beneath her gown, how it longed for his long, thick tongue. “Mijn poes verlangt naar uw tong.”

He understood nothing she said, which made it that more alluring. He will submit to me, she told herself. As they all will, offering me his tongue…and his big, thick cock, if I so desire it.

Josiah disappeared from sight as a rich, sexy ballad filled the air. Nairobia blinked. Then a sly grin eased over her lips as she prowled around the bar. There he was. Lying on the tiled floor behind the bar on his back, his hands behind his head, his dick lying languidly across his rippled belly. He waited for her as the DJ played a song that opened up with the sound of a rainstorm and a female moaning.

“What is this he is playing?” she asked once she made her way around the other side of the bar. “Feelin’ This,” he told her. By a group called Profile, spelled with a Y instead of an I. Profyle. That it was played in some movie. “Motives,” he added. She didn’t know the movie, but she liked the seductiveness of the song.


She purred low in the back of her throat, hiking her gown up over her curvaceous hips. “Yes. Feel this wet kut. Taste it.” She squatted low. Straddled his face. Lowered her quivering pussy onto his waiting tongue. Then slowly rocked her hips. She murmured in her native tongue, “Maken graag miijn kut. Voeden mijn poesje je tong. Ja, my darling, jaaaaa.” Then she repeated herself in English. “Yes, my darling, yessss. Make love to my cunt. Feed my pussy your tongue.”

He groaned into her trembling slit.

A spasm wracked her entire body. Nibbling, licking, sucking on her clit, his teeth lightly grazed it before capturing it between his lips.

She moaned.

His fingers spread open her wet lips and he greedily tongued her, suckled her, flickering over her clit, feasting on her wet pussy. “Mmm, ja, ja, ja…” She spasmed around his tongue and fingers, her nectar coating his tongue. “Yes, yes, yes. Mijn natte kut likken…” She demanded he lick her wet pussy.

And he did.

He licked. Licked. Licked. Licked.

“Fuck,” he muttered against her lust-flared labia. He sucked on her lips. Wickedly kissed her kut. Breathed it in. Tongued her clit. Her hips rocked in sensuous rhythm. His stiff tongue speared her pussy. And she moaned as he made a growling sound that echoed along her silken walls. “Aaaargh, aaaah, aaaah…”

She glanced over her shoulder. He was fisting his thick cock. Her mouth watered, her pussy got wetter. She smothered him in her wetness as he fucked her with his tongue.

“Oh, yesss, oooh…mmm…so wet…uw tong…mmm…zo fijn…” Your tongue…mmm…so good…

She threw her head back, eyes rolling in the back of her head. Peaking toward orgasm, she swallowed, her breath hitching a bit. Nairobia bucked against Josiah’s face, her clitoris swollen and achy, her cunt roiling in pleasure. Seconds later, liquid heat squirted out of her. With low moans, he drank her juices, swallowing, swallowing.

She grinded into his mouth, riding another wave, wrenching out one last orgasm, before lifting her hips and pulling his wagging tongue from the wet space between her thighs.

She stood.


For the moment…

She always needed more.

Always wanted more.


Josiah shot to his feet, and Nairobia reached for his collar and pulled him into her. She licked his lips. Then kissed him, tasting her on him, his tongue, his mouth drenched in her juices.

She broke the kiss and stepped back from him.

“Have I pleased you, Mademoiselle?”

“Oh, yes, my love, yes. Your mouth and tongue are heavenly.” She reached for his plump dick. Grabbed it in her hand. “I will have you in my chambers. And fuck you into my cunt, my darling. Soon.” She stroked him. He dipped at the knees. Allowed his hips to roll, his dick thickening, lengthening, in her grasp.

The bulbous head of his dick swelled. Sticky nectar streamed from out of its slit. His mouthwatering cock stretched to enormous proportion, causing her firm grip to stretch, to loosen. She grabbed him with both hands. He became fevered with lust as she stroked him. Brought him to the edge. Taunted him. Slowly fucked his cock into her two-handed fist, her wrists twisting in delight as she stroked him to nirvana.

His muscles tightened.

Brows drawn tight, he groaned in anticipation, in…heated need.

She could have easily dropped to her knees before him. Devoured him. Drained him. Bathed him with her tongue. Sucked his scrumptious cock into her mouth, the length of him sucked down into her throat, the head blocking her airway. But she wouldn’t dare.

Not tonight.

She could feel the swelling of his nut right below the crown. And she imagined him saying—if he spoke Dutch, “Zuigen mijn dick teef.” Suck my dick, bitch. She moaned at the thought. “Mm. Ik wil voelen van deze grote lul in mijn kont.”

He groaned. “Aaah, yes. Whatever the fuck it is you said, yes, yes, yes. Aaah…aaarrgh…” She translated for him. Told him she wanted to feel it in her ass. He grunted his approval, leaking onto her hand. Furiously thrusting his hips, he wanted relief. Craved it.

His balls tightened.

She lazily glided her moist ton