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Just One Destiny

By:Jade Winters


‘Like a relationship?’

Teal twisted her lips. ‘I hate that word. How about we have.’ She paused. ‘A keepsie. That’s it. I want a keepsie. Something that will last forever.’

Carissa looked downcast again. ‘Have you forgotten we live over two hundred miles apart?’

‘We don’t have to if you agree to renovate another property for me.’

Carissa’s solemn face suddenly brightened. ‘Are you serious?’

‘Very. It’s in London. I bought a property for an art school I’m opening there.’

‘An art school? So you’re going to draw again?’

‘Looks that way,’ Teal said, becoming increasingly worried that Carissa hadn’t immediately agreed to her job offer. ‘So what’s it going to be? You up for it. Though, I have to tell you, it’s going to be a long renovation.’

Carissa looked thoughtful for a moment then said, ‘For me to say yes, there’d have to be certain benefits.’

‘Benefits?’ Teal looked at her enquiringly.

‘I mean what else are you offering me?’

‘Depends if you think sharing a room with me can be classed as one.’

‘Oh, I’d say it was.’ Carissa grinned. ‘Anything else?’

Without a word, Teal walked over to the sideboard, slid her hand inside a drawer and withdrew an envelope. Now this was the tricky part. Her stomach churned as she handed it to Carissa. In a matter of seconds, Teal would either be the happiest woman alive or the saddest.

‘What’s this?’ Carissa said, eyeing it with suspicion. ‘A contract?’

‘Open it.’

Carissa tore back the flap and fished inside, before pulling out the contents. Her forehead creased as she looked down at the papers in her hand. ‘Tickets to India?’


‘I’m confused,’ Carissa said. ‘Why have you got tickets to India?’

‘Other than because of its natural beauty you mean? Well, the purchase of my new place is going to take three months. So in the meantime, I thought after the stress of doing this place we needed a break.’

‘You do know that some people go to India to find themselves.’

‘Not me.’ Teal pulled her into an embrace. ‘I’ve already found what I’m looking for with you.’

Carissa linked her arms around Teal’s neck. ‘And what’s that?’

Teal planted a long kiss on her lips. ‘Love.’