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Just One Destiny

By:Jade Winters

Chapter One

Carissa’s eyes widened. ‘Uh-oh. I know that look. What’s on your mind?’

‘You’ll know soon enough.’ The smile on Lara’s face broadened as she put a glass to her lips, tilted her head back, and jiggled the ice cubes until one slid effortlessly into her mouth.

Carissa was mystified. Ice was a new one. Even for them. She couldn’t help but wonder if Lara had been reading the latest edition of Les Pleasure. It wouldn’t have surprised her. Lara was the type of woman who liked, no, loved to experiment—whether it be with props from Ann Summers or her many different lifestyle choices. Which was one of the countless reasons Carissa had fallen for her. Being with Lara meant not knowing what was going to happen from one day to the next. And unlike her best friend Trudi, who found the idea of living on such a roller coaster abhorrent, Carissa was all for it. To her it was the ‘not knowing’ that made life just that little bit more interesting.

White heat rippled through her body when Lara slipped off her nightshirt. Carissa’s gaze followed its descent as it made its way down Lara’s naked body and crumpled at her feet. In one deft manoeuvre, Lara climbed onto the bed and crawled towards Carissa, her supple movements as graceful as a cat.

Carissa pulled back the cover. Rays of sunlight flickered through the idly shifting curtains and the cool gentle breeze caressed her breasts causing her nipples to harden. In that instant, she eagerly anticipated the moment Lara’s body would fit perfectly together with her own, like interlocking pieces of a puzzle.

Carissa stared at Lara. Dark haired and olive skinned. Arctic blue eyes, set beneath long thick lashes. Eyes that were clouded with unconcealed desire. Her tousled hair only served to remind Carissa of what had taken place between the sheets barely an hour ago.

Lara’s hand reached out and caught Carissa’s small, taut bud between her index finger and thumb. She eyed Carissa like a cobra mesmerising its prey. Her voice low and husky—a testament to her intentions. ‘I see you’re ready ….’

Carissa made a small sigh of surrender and let her head sink back onto the pillow. She didn’t think she had the energy for another workout that involved multiple orgasms, but how could she turn down hot, sweaty sex with the woman who made each and every one of her senses spin?

Carissa’s fingernails raked Lara’s back when she positioned herself between Carissa’s legs and delicately bit her earlobe. Her breath was cool against Carissa’s warm face, her lips wet and cold. With an exaggerated slowness, Lara’s head dipped and she trailed a blaze along the nape of Carissa’s neck … along her collarbone … down her chest, until she reached her right breast.

Carissa squealed and squirmed, drawing in a sharp intake of breath when the ice cube made contact with her nipple. Lara’s response was to eye her with amusement and mumble something inaudible.

Carissa cocked her head slightly. ‘Say that again.’

The ice cube disappeared to the inside of Lara’s cheek, causing it to bulge. ‘I said I want to do something memorable to you.’

‘With an ice cube?’ A hot flush crawled up Carissa’s neck, all the way to her cheeks.

‘Yes, with an ice cube. Now can you be quiet before it melts.’

Carissa lifted her head an inch from the pillow and stole a glance over the top of Lara’s head to catch sight of the clock on the wall. Tick. Tock. Tick. It was getting on for nine o’clock. She cursed inwardly, annoyed by the need to be elsewhere when she would rather be here, entwined with Lara. She hesitated before giving Lara the bad news. ‘This is going to have to wait a couple of hours.’

‘A couple of … No, it can’t.’

Carissa wriggled beneath Lara’s weight. ‘It has to. I’ve got a job interview at ten, remember?’

Lara’s face registered confusion, then annoyance. ‘For God’s sake.’

‘I don’t think I’ll be longer than an hour and a half, two at the most.’ Carissa wiggled her eyebrows. ‘I’ll even bring back a bag of ice cubes if you’re lucky.’

Lara ignored the bait and pushed herself onto her back. Letting out a sigh, her gaze drifted up towards the ceiling. ‘Don’t bother.’

‘Eh? Come on, Lara, you know I need this job. We’ve got plenty of time …’ Carissa reached across Lara, took an ice cube from the glass on the bedside table and popped it in her mouth, ‘… to do what you want later.’

‘Whatever,’ Lara mumbled.

‘Are you in a mood with me now?’

The question hung in the air, leaving an uneasy silence for a few seconds.

‘No,’ Lara finally said.

Carissa let the tips of her fingers trail along the sexy black tribal tattoo imprinted on the full length of Lara’s side. Her fingers dancing as if she was playing the piano. Under normal circumstances, Lara’s response would be to murmur in delight, but not this time. Her face remained sullen, which told Carissa all she needed to know.

Yep, she’s in a mood. ‘You are, aren’t you?’

Lara rolled abruptly to her side and drew the quilt over her body. ‘I said no. Now can you drop it?’

Carissa studied Lara, trying to work out what was on her mind. When she spoke, her voice was tentative. ‘What’s wrong with you?’

‘Wrong? Why has there got to be something wrong?’

Carissa averted her gaze in response to Lara’s sharp tone. Discussing an emotive subject right before something as important as a job interview wasn’t ideal, but the air needed to be cleared. The problem, whatever it was, was something that neither of them had cared to address lately, but it was obvious that tension was simmering beneath the surface. They’d been walking on egg shells around each other for quite some time.

‘If there isn’t, how else can you explain the last few weeks?’ Carissa said. ‘You’ve been a bit—’

‘I’ve been what?’ Lara’s intonation rose at the end and formed a question mark.

The muscles in Carissa’s face twitched. The way they always did when she was nervous about something. Like now, when she was afraid