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Knocked Up By The Billionaire

By:Tasha Fawkes

a sigh, I turned, thinking it was Nick wanting more money.

Not Nick, but a gorgeous brunette nearly identical to the woman who sat on my lap. I did a double-take and then glanced between the two of them, an eyebrow raised.

“My twin sister, Maria. ” The woman on my lap smiled and beckoned her sister to join us.

I slid over, the brunette on my lap giggling softly as she leaned close to nibble at my earlobe again. I couldn’t remember her name, but it didn’t matter. This must be my lucky day. I’d never had a threesome with twins before. This might be an interesting evening after all.

“Marta, let me have some fun,” Maria said, sending a pout toward her sister.

Marta released my earlobe as Maria threaded her fingers through my hair and turned my face toward her, pressing her lips against mine with as much as enthusiasm as her sister had moments before. At the same time, Marta traced the tip of her tongue down along the side of my neck and then nibbled my shoulder through my T-shirt. My dick throbbed in earnest now as Marta’s hand massaged my balls and stroked my hard-on through my jeans.

Maria, apparently not wanting to be undone by her sister, slid her hand underneath the bottom of my T-shirt and circled my nipples with a long fingernail. Her tongue dove deep into my mouth. Her lips caught my tongue and gently sucked.

God, I was going to explode right here. I doubted anyone would even notice if I—

I felt a vibration in my back pocket that had nothing to do with sex. Dammit! My phone. I couldn’t hear my distinctive ringtone ‘Custard Pie’ ringing over the pounding music but counted to five before the intermittent vibrations ceased. I knew who was probably trying to call me, but I was determined to ignore it. Wanted to ignore everything from back home in Texas, hence my presence in Ibiza.

An arm draped around each of the sisters, I pulled them closer and groped their breasts; Marta’s right one and Maria’s left one, wondering if because they were twins they would be the same size and fullness. To my delight, they were. I occupied myself tweaking their nipples into erect, hard pebbles as I—

The phone in my pocket buzzed again. Shit. With a sigh, I pulled away from both of them, untangled my arms from around their shoulders, and leaned forward to pull the phone from my back pocket. I glared at the phone screen, it’s blue glow stark against the blackness. I saw that I had missed two calls from Frederick Brunson, my father’s lawyer.

“Do you need to take that?” Marta said, leaning close to my ear, seductively tracing her tongue around its edges.

I shook my head. “You lovely ladies have my complete and total attention,” I lied. I passed my gaze over the crowd and lifted a hand toward a passing waiter to order a bottle of Cristal champagne. So, what if it cost a thousand Euros? The more I spent, the more I annoyed my father.

I turned to one twin then the other and grinned. “Now, where were we?”

“Right about here.” Marta giggled, her hand once again diving into my crotch.

I took turns kissing the girls, trying to determine which was the best kisser, but so far, the contest was tied. My blood surged, excitement burgeoning into a growing ball of fire from my—no pun intended—balls to my brain. I pushed all negative thoughts from my head, only having to slightly force myself to disappear into the sensations the lovely twins provided.

I barely noticed when the waiter returned with a bottle and only broke off the kiss with Maria long enough to tell the man to put it on my tab.

“Certainly, sir,” the waiter said.

The waiter hesitated briefly, glanced between the two women, breasts nearly spilling from their scanty dresses. He glanced down and saw where Marta’s hand had disappeared. He blinked, then straightened and moved off, slightly shaking his head. I felt a perverse sense of satisfaction. Oh, to be handsome, young, and loaded. Did it really get any better?

The booth we sat in was shadowed in semi-darkness, so unless you were up close and personal like the waiter, no one could see what exactly was going on between the three of us. I felt tempted to slide my hand under the hem of Marta’s short dress. Was she bare under there? Was her pussy slick and wet, ready for some action?

I glanced around the throng in the room, the strobe lights briefly illuminating dancing couples, colors flashing, flesh bared, laughing faces, drinks held high by some as they gyrated and did their dirty dancing moves with one another. There must’ve been a couple hundred people in the club, but every couple was isolated in their own little bubble, paying no attention to anyone else around them.

I caught a glimpse of Nick at the other side of the room alone, leaning against a wall beneath the DJ, hands shoved into his pockets, shoulders slumped with obvious dejection. He’d struck out again. If I were feeling generous, I would’ve gestured my friend over to join us. I wasn’t feeling very generous at the moment.

I turned from one twin to the other and reached for the bottle of champagne on the table. “Ladies, what say we take this party to my suite at the hotel next door? We can continue the party there.”

Chapter Two


“If we look at some macroscopic animals and plants, we can discover that many have microscopic juvenile stages, which…”

I tried really hard to concentrate in class, my eyelids heavy and feeling like sandpaper. I counted the minutes before I could escape the most boring drone of the professor at the front of the room. Ugh. Ten more minutes. It seemed like forever.

Normally, when bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I tolerated the professor—not that I had any control—but I’d been up late the night before studying. I’d fallen asleep around four o’clock this morning without shutting my bedroom window. That after a full day of classes and a pick-up shift at the diner on the corner. After falling asleep on the bed surrounded by my textbooks, I’d w